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Free 30 min Session

This “Key” session is a 30 minutes complimentary session to help you get clarity about what you want. In the session Sujati will teach you a technique from the Law of Attraction Tool Kit to raise your vibration about what it is you want, so that you can easily attract it. To complete the “Key” session you will define the next step for you to reach your goal.

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call: +1 (514) 297-7877

All prices for these packages can also be paid per session at 90 $ each.

"Key" Session

"Jumpstart" Package


  • Do you want to hone it to something special in you work or private life?

  • Need some support for knowing what it is exactly and what the next step is?

  • Want techniques and tools that help you get it?

5 sessions of 60 minutes in 5 to 6 weeks, 440 CAD $ (save 50$ on regular price !).
This package will give you a jumpstart to reaching your goal!

"Reaching the Summit" Package


15 sessions of 60 minutes in 30 weeks (1 session every 2 weeks) for 1200 $ (save 150$ of regular price)


  • Do you know what it is you want and need intensive assistance to get there?

  • Need tools and techniques that you’ll use every day for raising your vibration to attract what you want?

  • Is the summit somehow out of reach, but with help you know you’ll get there?

This “Reaching the Summit” Package is for you! It will give you sustained and profound support through Law of Attraction tools,techniques and meditations.

"Sky is the limit" Package


One-year support, at about every 3 weeks, 16 sessions of 60 minutes 1250 $ (save 190 $ on regular price)


You know that Law of Attraction Coaching is making a difference in your life and you want to have regular support.
You want to implement what you’ve learnt and do what you’ve decided to accomplish in the sessions.

This “Sky is the Limit” Package is a wonderful way of have someone at your side that helps you find the answers inside yourself and guides you through exercises and meditations that give you constant support in your business and personal life.

Payment Options: Jumpstart Package in 3 payments of 160 $ (economy of 10$) at booking, at 2nd and 3rd session “Reaching the summit” Package in 3 payments of 430 $ (economy of 60 $)
“Sky is the Limit” Package in 3 payments of 435 $ (economy of 55 $)


Contact Me

Sujati A. Goernitz, certified LOA Coach

For any questions you have, you can reach me here:

1129, 10e Rang

Val-David, Québec,

J0T 2N0, Canada

iphone: +1 514-296-7877 

Zoom ID:222-816-2460

Skype: FinallyFeelingBetter

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